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Who are the Cunning Folk?
The term "cunning folk" relates to european antiquity. The Cunning Folk were the nature healers who lived secluded lives, called upon by their neighbors in growing urban areas in search of wisdom from the earth.  The cunning folk carried traditions of ancestors long forgotten like herbal medicines, natural spirituality, sustainability and autonomy.  Although secluded, these people were respected and revered for their extensive knowledge of their surrounding plant life and it's many uses.
Why Local? Why Hand Crafted?


Every bar of soap created at Cunning Folk Soap has a story of gathering nature's best materials and meticulously tweaking a proposed recipe to find the best combination of these ingredients. If you carefully read our labels you will find that we do not use the same recipe twice. Each bar's distinct characteristics are determined by the ratios of varying materials.  These recipes are executed in small batches, in a local kitchen, by a loving mother with only the ingredients you need. What else could you want?

Ingredient Commitment


Cunning Folk Soap is determined to create for you, skin loving & natural soap.  In doing so I have found the best policy is to locally source all of my soap making ingredients whenever possible.  When this is not possible, the choice is made to source from reputable, natural and sustainable retailers.  

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