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Conquering the Shower Gel

When speaking with potential Cunning Folk converters in person the most common objection I receive is the “ I don’t use bar soap, I’m a shower gel kind of person.” I light up with joy! I am so filled with glee to inform these poor, lost souls that there is an easy explanation. I am no different than them, I love my skin and want ease of use so why have I gone as far as creating my own bars when it seems the liquid is so much easier?

Shower gels poured onto a loofah have easily replaced bar soap on the shelves. When you go to your local grocer chances are you will find bar soap on the bottom shelf under all of the gels. Most young people buy into the luxury shower gels, their heavy perfumes and bubbling agents are much more appealing than that soggy bar in your tub. Right? Liquid Soap or Shower Gel users are missing out.

The disconnect we are faced with is bar soap purchased from your local grocer really isn’t that great. As a soap maker and a consumer, I get it. As the soap is made, the skin nourishing ingredients are actually extracted from the soap using multiple chemical processes. The natural glycerin is used in more profitable products. Sneaky. You are being sold leftovers. No one wants to rub leftovers on their largest organ. Your skin protects you from so many elements and as someone who values themselves you avoid exposure to unhealthy ingredients.

Soap made by the Cunning Folk is formulated using years of research. Each ingredient added serves a skin loving purpose and made to give you a balance of protein acidity so that you feel naturally refreshed and moisturized. Cunning Folk Soap does not contain bubbling agents or chemical preservatives. These suds naturally occur. When in the shower you may take your trusty body scrubber and rub that Cunning Folk Soap on it and create an eruption of fun bubbles! Your fluffy and bubbly bar of Cunning Folk Soap lasts as long if not longer when used with a loofah and a soap dish!

Here is a sample rubbed into my own loofah! These bubbles are ready to go!


Instead of paying for chemicals, packaging and putting money into the pockets of billionaires you can enjoy a natural product that easily replaces your grocery store gunk. You will also enjoy the luxurious aromas of the highest quality and the satisfaction of knowing you are using intentionally placed ingredients for your skin rather than leftovers used for profit.

Thank you for reading!

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